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The names we are proud to have on board with us


Automating the customer support for automobile industry Product discovery Aid product discovery by a bot and collect leads. Service Appointments Follow up and get after sales service bookings. Delivering Alerts Prompt the car owner for servicing, check up and insurance renewals. Feedback Collect feedback like never before


Tracking your packages now easier. Book a Delivery Book courier deliveries from your devices. FAQs An interactive way for QnA sessions. Feedback Capture feedback via chat.


Your bank now available on chat! My Account Queries Instant solution to account queries. Update Account Info Update account info on the go. Service/ Product Request Speed up service/ product requests. EMI Calculator Calculate EMI on chat and apply for loan. Funds and Payees Add/edit payees and fund without a login. Alerts and Offers Send out hot/ exciting offers and alerts. Customer Support Automate your Support for quicker solution.


A chatting assistant that takes care of all your Insurance needs. Lead Generation Capture potential customer details and catch up. FAQs Let your encyclopaedia be interactive. File a Claim File claims via chat. Buy and Renew Compare, buy and renew policies. Request Call Back Chat to request a call back.


Keeping consumers engaged to your brand. Notifications Send notification via chat. Research and Feedback Capture useful insights while interacting. Loyalty Present your personality in conversations. Dealer Management Automate important tasks.

Human Resource

Adding the human touch to HR Salary/Tax information Reduce paper from the paper work Reimbursements Apply for reimbursements without any fuss. My Account View and update key info related to employee. Travel Desk Request for travel arrangements now through chat. Support HR feedback and employee engagement via an interactive interface. Recruitment/Exit Department can chat through 1000s of candidatures to invoke filters!


Chat to be healthy Appointments Discover doctors, select and book. Promotions and tips Information from the hospital can be broadcasted now by chat. Account Management View and update medical history in one place. FAQs All first level patient support queries can now be answered through chat.


Take your customers on a hassle-free engaging shopping journey. Product Discovery Engage with users and create product awareness among audience across channels. Appointments Discover doctors, select and book. Customer Support Automate your Support for quicker solution. User Account Add, edit and update your personal account via chat. Purchase Provide your customer an unforgettable purchase journey.

Food tech

If you chat, the food will come to you! Discover and order Order the tastiest delicacies in town. Feedback Collect feedback from an interactive interface Notifications Don’t just notify, invoke a call to action FAQs All first level customer support queries can now be answered through chat.


Extend the warmth to digital efforts Bookings Discover, select and book. Feedback Collect feedback from an interactive interface Notifications Don’t just notify, invoke a call to action FAQs All first level customer support queries can now be answered through chat.


The bot that can take you places! Search Flight Look up flight availability and prices Book a Flight Book tickets, now via chat. Cancel a ticket Cancel tickets by just chatting. Refund Status Track status of refund upon cancelling. Web check in Tell the bot your PNR and the seat you want. View Itinerary Make a “do not forget” list! Notification Send user important information in time. Book a cab Book cabs to and from the airport. Book a stay Book your favorite hotels. Entertainment Browse and book available internet options. Set Reminders Set an alarm to remind you to leave for the flights. FAQs All FAQs will now be answered in chat.


Let conversation be free between brand and consumer. Account Management Maintain user records and update them real time. Customer Support Automate queries and give instant solutions. Feedback Turn your feedback forms into an engaging conversation.

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Built-In Business Logic

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  • NLP

    Natural Language Processing

    Using our NLP engine understand the user’s intent and send pre-defined answers to users in human language.

  • Conversational UI

    Conversation UI

    A UI that the user is familiar with and guarantees ease of communication and effective delivery of the message.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    Multi-lingual Support

    Converse in the language most suitable to your audience. Choose from a range of languages available.

  • Keyword Extractor

    Keyword Extractor

    Map keywords users would relate to for a particular intent and trigger actions seamlessly.

  • Branching


    Branching logic, helps the bot understand the user’s intent, giving the user a sense of freedom and giving you the control.

  • Omnipresent icon


    Mark your presence on website, search and social with the omnipresent feature. Be where your consumers are.

Use Cases

Use Case Lead Generation

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Use Case Feedback

Feedback is one of the strongest management tools to help you understand how your customers perceive your business, product or services. With Surbo, you can get ...

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